How Many Other Fiverr Clones Have Coffee Mugs?

Yes, you heard “How Many OTHER Fiverr Clones Have Coffee Mugs”. So that means that Micro Jobs Online now has coffee mugs! I ordered them about a month ago and now that they have been delivered, I am proud to announce that Micro Jobs Online is the first Fiverr clone to officially declare coffee mug ownership.  But when I ordered the mugs, I also decided to get 500 more business cards for advertising? Not many other Fiverr clones have business cards either!

Unfortunately, we are not giving out any coffee mugs. They are for ourselves. I’m trying not to be selfish but these coffee mugs cost a lot! I will try to find something that is cheaper that I can buy and give away to users. Maybe something like t-shirts or hats. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below!


The business cards I bought are for advertising. I go around town and the local mall passing out business cards and flyers. So far, it has worked (but I am not sure that the mall security liked it when I asked kids to throw paper airplane flyers around the mall).


The business cards as well were not appreciated much by mall security or car owners. Some might of thought that my advertising strategies were too annoying when they found one of my business cards sticking out of their car door to attract their attention. But I just see it as a great way to make money for everyone! So if you see one of my business cards around, take a picture of it and you together and send it to along with your username. If you do, I will give your account a featured gig for a month (only one entry per person). This offer is valid forever because there is a small chance that you will actually find one of my 750 business cards.

But in case you are out and about and thinking of this, my business cards are the ones in the picture below:


Keep posting gigs and making money everyone! If you have anything you would like to share about this article, feel free to comment!

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Promotion For Active Users of

Published on June 1, 2012 by in Micro Jobs Online

Here is a promotion I have set up for active users of…


For any user that has activated their account by confirming their email address when they signed up and has posted at least 10 legit gigs will receive $1.00. To get this $1 put into your Micro Jobs Online account, you must first complete the bolded tasks plus email me at with the subject of “$1 Please!”


This promotion is only valid until 12:00 AM EST on July 1st. 


For more offers, go to

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How To Scam A Fiverr Clone

Here is a step by step process of how to scam a fiverr clone.

Number 1: Order A Gig

Number 2: Receive the ordered product or service

Number 3: Dispute the order through PayPal

Number 4: FAIL!


Currently, Fiverr clones and PayPal are working together to crack down on fiverr clone scammers. Right now the PayPal Seller Protection Policy states that it does not provide protection for intangible goods including services. Considering fiverr clones are all about services and intangible products, scammers should not be winning their disputes. Here is the Seller Protection Policy:


Seller protection is a free service provided to our members. It reinforces our commitment to building trust and safety in our network. It acts as a safeguard for claims, chargebacks, or reversals opened for the following reasons:

  • Unauthorized Payment
  • Item Not Received

Seller protection does not provide protection for:

  • Claims, chargebacks, or reversals for significantly not as described.
  • Intangible purchases (for example: services, online games, hotels).
  • Items that you deliver in person.
  • Transactions made through PayPal Direct Payment or Virtual Terminal.

Seller protection is available for qualified transactions. The Transaction Details page shows whether or not your transaction is eligible for coverage under this policy. If it is, ship to the shipping address displayed on the Transaction Details page.

To ensure that your items are shipped to the appropriate address, do not accept shipping labels from the buyer or offers to use their shipping services (such as access to their account), since you will not be covered under seller protection. Fraudulent buyers may encourage you to use their shipping services since they have the ability to change or reroute the shipping address and then open a claim saying they did not receive the item from you.


Although most scammers do not win their disputes through PayPal, some still are and are taking away fiverr clone’s profits. Please help fiverr clones fight scammers by contacting PayPal at with this message:

I have noticed the current surge in fiverr clone scams. Please do something about this. Fiverr clones like,,,,,,,,, and many more fiverr clones are being scammed out of their profits by people that order their product and then dispute it through PayPal once they receive it. It is unfortunate that many of the people that do this win their disputes, even though it states in the PayPal Seller Protection Policy that “seller protection does not provide protection for intangible purchases”. Please work with the fiverr clone owners to stop these scams. Thank you.


If you send out this message to PayPal, which would take less than one minute, all fiverr clones will appreciate it and hopefully up standards.




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